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We are moving experts

We are moving experts

We are moving experts

About us

Saif Furniture Remover is a most reliable home relocation company in UAE since 2003, Saif Furniture Remover has been catapulted as the industry leader in delivering integrated removal solutions and, today, is recognized as a giant in the U.A.E removals industry. Saif Furniture Remover provides an array of services such as home and office relocation, furniture installation plus short- and long-term storage to numerous established clients spread across the country.
With a team of experienced professionals to back the business, Saif Furniture Remover has the capability to relocate your home or office from any place in the world in the most reliable and cost effective manner. With a mission to provide worldclass, hassle-free and highly effective movement, it is reassuring to learn that 70% of Saif Furniture Remover business comes from repeat customers.

Every move at Saif Furniture Remover revolves around the principle of ‘customer satisfaction’. Our moving consultants chalk out customized plans to meet the requirements of our esteemed clients. The main focus, as always, is on accurate planning, meeting deadlines and providing satisfactory service.

Apart from relocation services, the staff at Saif Furniture Remover are also well versed with furniture installation of all kinds. From home furniture to office furniture, we first analyze a client’s needs and then handle any changes or adjustments accordingly. To ensure a smooth operation, a project coordinator is appointed to monitor and assist work on site and, if necessary, we can disassemble existing furniture and reconfigure it to the new plan with the least amount of down time for your entire family or company. Saif Furniture Remover ever-growing client list is testimonial enough of our dedicated efforts to ensure top-class quality.


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